The people’s deputy from «Servants of the people» asks the prime minister to dismiss Lavrenyuk

People’s deputy from the “Servant of the People” faction Andrei Motovilovets called on Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk to clear the executive branch of corruption, in particular, to dismiss Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Yuri Lavrenyuk.

This was stated by the politician from the parliamentary rostrum.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister! I want to remind you why you became the prime minister, and I — the people’s deputy. Because people wanted the changes that we all promised them. This week, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Yuri Lavrenyuk, appeared in the box of the Verkhovna Rada government. I want to remind you of his achievements. Three years ago, the Ministry of Infrastructure on the quota principle moved to the Popular Front, three years we had a minister who wrote posts on Facebook and his deputy, who built corruption schemes due to the impact on state-owned enterprises.
Andrey Motovilovets

Motovilovets recalled that representatives of the maritime community of Ukraine repeatedly appealed to the president and prime minister with a request to restore order in the industry.

Lavrenyuk confused in the performance indicators of the management of seaports
Lavrenyuk himself reacted quite politically to the politician’s appeal.

As a person with a law enforcement background, I want to note that in criminology there are such types of socio-psychological behavior as a model of thief’s behavior and victim’s behavior. Looking at the speech of Mr. Motovilovets, I have many questions. One gets the impression that he was either threatened, or paid for this speech, or that he really is a criminal. I can’t find another explanation for the excitement and jitters during my speech from the rostrum. So are you a criminal or a victim? If someone is threatening or blackmailing you, then maybe you should contact the law enforcement agencies?

Yuri Lavrenyuk

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