The people’s deputy from «Euro solidarity» addressed Yaremenko: you should have folded the mandate

MP from «European Solidarity» Maria Ionova said that the people’s deputy Bogdan Yaremenko after the scandal with intimate correspondence can not lead the parliamentary committee and must lay down the mandate.

She made such a statement, speaking from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada, the correspondent of # Letters reports.

Ionova’s speech was a reaction to Yaremenko’s statement that in the BP hall “there’s no one to talk about morality with”.

“I was shocked by the words that there is no one in this room to talk about morality. I would like to recall that representatives of the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian society are sitting in this hall. And therefore, do not disgrace our voters in this way. Honestly, there are still generally recognized norms of public morality. And as a member of the committee on foreign policy and inter-parliamentary cooperation, I want to note that the person who chairs the committee and neglects the law in his working time has such a low moral compass that refers to the institution of parliamentarism with such disrespect — you cannot represent Ukrainian Parliament in the international arena, ”Ionova emphasized.

The people’s deputy noted that Yaremenko, according to ethical standards, should have laid down the mandate after the scandal, including the people’s deputy.

“It is generally recognized that there are ethical standards for a professional diplomat in the world. And you, as a professional diplomat who recommended yourself that way, should have folded the mandate of the head of the committee (on foreign policy and interparliamentary cooperation, — ed.), I’m not talking about folding the mandate of a people’s deputy. Because in a European country that would be done the next day, ”Ionova said.

“You are undermining the authority of the Verkhovna Rada as the only legislative authority in Ukraine,” she added, referring to Yaremenko.

Ionova also appealed to Parliament Speaker Dmitry Razumkov with an appeal “to use his authority to adequately resolve this issue.”

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