The people’s deputy from Dnipro distributes the Russian fakes about a coronavirus

MP from the ruling mono-coalition «Servant of the people» Maxim Buzhansky turned out to be a very multifaceted person. In one of his posts, as previously reported, Maxim threatened to punish the Dnieper Pharmacy of Homeopathy, which sells linden medicine for coronavirus. However, in another post, Buzhansky joyfully disperses the Russian fake.

In short: against the backdrop of quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government imposed strict restrictions on movement in public transport — up to 10 passengers at a time. Of course, many did not like the restriction, and against the background of the epidemic, this became additional evidence that the situation is serious. This could not be taken advantage of by the «agents of influence» of Russia, who began to disperse fakes on the Ukrainian segment of the Internet. In particular, a video appeared on the network where people in a vehicle beat and expel a man who coughed from a bus. Moreover, the video was accelerated with reference to different cities — Kiev, Lviv, Vinnitsa.

The security service warned — the video is fake and has nothing to do with current events in Ukraine. The incident was much earlier than the outbreak. Such messages, as a rule, are dispersed by the agents of the Russian aggressor in order to spread panic and contention in Ukrainian society. Proof of this is overclocking videos on pro-Russian and separatist resources. In particular, the story of the “Lviv minibus” works to nurture hatred between the eastern and western regions of the country. This, subsequently, is actively used by Russian propaganda.

The “Lviv” version of the fake with the minibus was decided to disperse the Ukrainian MP Maxim Buzhansky, which is known for its very mixed views. In particular, he was repeatedly accused of sympathizing with the Soviet Union and of cottoniness ”in his views. In his Telegram channel, Maxim Buzhansky compared the situation to the “Lviv pogrom” of 1941 — the massive acts of violence organized by the Nazi occupation regime with the participation of Einsatzgruppes and the local population, who were imposed on the idea that Jews were to blame for the murder of Soviet prisoners. Buzhansky often recalls this pogrom, and this time he drew a parallel between the fake video and the pogrom inspired by the Nazis.

They themselves were beaten and kicked out of the bus. It will take 10 days, the tests will show the real picture with the incidence, and then what? Will they kill for coughing? — wrote the people’s deputy in his Telegram.

We will not evaluate the moral side of the fact that the Ukrainian parliamentarian from the ruling coalition on a public plane allows himself to unreasonably suspect the inhabitants of the entire city of a tendency to kill patients. Let us leave it to the readers.

But no less important is that the people’s deputy distributes to 42 thousand readers of his channel a fake launched by pro-Russian provocateurs and, moreover, which was denied by the Security Service of Ukraine. Moreover, after the refutation, Buzhansky did not even think to apologize for disseminating false information.

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