The people’s deputy Dubinsky appealed to the SAP about salaries in envelopes for “servants of the people”

The People’s Majority Deputy from the Kiev region, Alexander Dubinsky (pictured left), turned to the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAP) with a statement about possible corruption in the parliamentary faction «Servant of the people.» The statement includes another majoritarian — Nikolai Tishchenko (pictured right), who was elected to the Rada in the capital district from the presidential faction. Dubinsky requires the prosecutor’s office to establish whether Tishchenko was really involved in the distribution of money “in envelopes” to members of parliament.

Oleksandr Dubinsky said that on the eve he asked the SAP to check the facts if there really was a correspondence between his fellow member Nikolai Tishchenko (also a majority candidate, 219th district — Svyatoshino, Kiev) with a pranker who impersonated Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapku. In correspondence, the deputy chairman of the presidential faction spoke, inter alia, on the topic of salaries in envelopes for «servants of the people.»
Information on Dubinsky’s statement has already been entered into the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations (URDR) — the people’s deputy also posted a photo of his extract on his page on the social network.

“People’s Deputy Tishchenko N.N. carried out correspondence with an unidentified person, according to which Tishchenko N.N. may be involved in the transfer of undue benefits to individual deputies, ”the summary of circumstances that may indicate the commission of a criminal offense says.

Also in the description are MPs Marjan Zablotsky and Alexey Movchan, who allegedly during a parliamentary meeting when considering bill No. 2047 carried out actions beneficial to commercial structures “in order to receive an overestimated remuneration when working in public procurement systems, which has a corruption background «(We are talking about the Prozorro system. Sales; Movchan has already responded to Dubinsky’s claims by writing on his Facebook page that private brokers participate in electronic trading of state property Twomey allows you to increase the competition and admission to the state budget).

«If Mr. Tishchenko did carry out such correspondence and talked with the imaginary Attorney General Ryaboshapka, and he has some illegal activity in the party» Servant of the People «, then he (Nikolai Tishchenko — KV) had to answer the questions posed in connection with this correspondence, «said Dubinsky. At the moment, Tishchenko did not give comments.

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