The people’s deputy Derkach released information on «influence of the US Embassy on NABU»

MP Andrei Derkach, initiator of a criminal case on interference in the US election, released documents from which it follows that the first deputy director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, Gizo Uglava, for several years provided the US Embassy in Kiev with information that negatively affected the course of events in Ukraine and USA.

Direct speech of Derkach: «The correspondence of NABU employees and employees of the US Embassy for several years, which is under high treason under Article 111 of the Criminal Code, as well as documents in the framework of 6 criminal proceedings against Burisma, which includes the former vice president, will be made public USA Joe Biden and his son Hunter …

The first deputy director of NABU, Gizo Uglava, through his assistant Polina Chizh, for a long time provided the US Embassy with information that influenced events in Ukraine and the USA. NABU leaked information to US embassy officials and coordinated a number of high-profile cases. »

Details: According to Derkach, these documents indicate that NABU is under the control of a separate representative of the embassy of the United States embassy, ​​and that the US embassy is under pressure from 2016 to 2018. On the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, on the intervention of law enforcement agencies and government officials of Ukraine in the US elections in 2016, as well as on the possible corrupt actions of Biden and his son Hunter.

Derkach also said that he has documents about pressure on ex-Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin as part of an investigation into the case of the Burisma company.

The people’s deputy assured that he received documents from investigative journalists who are worried about their safety and life.

According to Derkach, he has already transferred these documents to the State Security Bureau and the Prosecutor General. The parliamentarian also initiated the creation of a temporary investigative commission of the Verkhovna Rada, and filed a petition for the court to resume the investigation of interference in the US elections by divulging pre-trial investigation.

Derkach explained that an embassy employee made a request to the NABU about the activities of the ex-Minister of Ecology Nikolai Zlochevsky, who appears in the investigation against the Burisma company. According to Ukrainian law enforcers, Zlochevsky contacted Biden Sr. through lobbyists and proposed sharing the profits of the gas producer.

Hunter Biden received over $ 16.5 million.

Regarding Zlochevsky, in 2014 they opened a case on illegal enrichment of about 1 billion hryvnias. According to Derkach, the notes of the lawyer by US President Rudolf Giuliani, which were published earlier, indicate that the case against Zlochevsky was closed due to fear of the United States.

The people’s deputy at a press conference said that in the notes Giuliani referred to the order of US Vice President Biden to delay financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $ 1 billion. According to Shokin, he had an investigation plan for Burisma, given the interrogations of board members.

NABU collected information about Shokin.

Derkach unveiled information that Biden Sr. received more than 900 thousand dollars from «Burisma». In particular, investigators report that he received the funds through the accounts of the lobbying company Rosemont Seneca Partners for «consulting services.»

Derkach also published information that NABU consulted with the US Embassy on how to respond to public inquiries.

Derkach People’s Deputy of 6 convocations. Twice he passed in Rada as a member of the Party of Regions. In 2019, he was elected people’s deputy according to the majority system in the district No. 159 in the Sumy region.

He was one of the people’s deputies who voted for dictatorial laws on January 16, 2014.

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