The people’s deputy declared that he witnessed corruption in Rada

«Servant of the people» claims to have witnessed corruption of the people’s deputy Dubnevich and called for satisfying the submission of the GPU.
The people’s deputy from the Servant of the people Andrei Motovilovets at a meeting on Thursday, October 31, said that he had witnessed the corrupt actions of the people’s deputy Yaroslav Dubnevich, the representation of the GPU to which the parliament is considering.

«I’m Andrei Motovilovets Party of the Servant of the people and I am a witness of Mr. Dubnevich’s political corruption. While working in the Ministry of Infrastructure, as Advisor to the Pivovarsky Andrei Nikolaevich, for the adoption of the law by the transport committee, we were conditional on appointing a person to Lviv airport. You can now see that we refused this requirement and held an open tender, «he said.

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