The people’s deputy Chernovol handed to the Pipe the message about his crime

The People’s Deputy of “European Solidarity” Tatyana Chornovol handed the head of the State Bureau of Investigation (GBR) Roman Truba a message about his crime.

This was reported by the press service of «European Solidarity» in Lviv.

So on Wednesday, October 9, MP Tatyana Chornovol came to a briefing by the head of the State Security Committee, Roman Truba, and informed him of the crime he had committed. We are talking about the failure to open the Pipe criminal case against Andrei Portnov, who served as deputy head of the Presidential Administration under Viktor Yanukovych.

“Mr. Trump violates the law by not fulfilling a court decision. Three times the court ordered him to start a pre-trial investigation against Portnov. He did not. This is the official’s personal responsibility, for which he faces three years in prison, ”said Chernovol.

In addition, the People’s Deputy passed on a report on offenses committed by the Chairman of the Presidential Office Andrei Bogdan together with Andrei Portnov.

“It consists in the fact that 3 billion state funds, thanks to their scheme, were allocated in the interests of the Russian Ministry of Defense. This is a very serious matter, ”the people’s deputy added.

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