The newly elected people’s deputy from «Servants of the people», nikolayevets Arahamia admitted that in the past smoked marijuana

The Nikolaev businessman David Arahamia, going the fourth in the party list of the Party «Servant of the People», told that I tried drugs 10 years ago. He said this during a conversation with journalists of the publication «Ukrainian Truth.»

A video of a blitz-poll of one of the richest “servants of the people” in the newly elected Parliament was published on the website of the online resource on Facebook.

When asked if he had ever used drugs, Arahamia replied that he had smoked marijuana once.

“Once I smoked marijuana 10 rock chi chi 12 to that. Having never experienced anything else, ”said the newly-minted MP.

At the same time, David said that his monthly income is about 15 thousand dollars, from food he prefers meat than vegetables, and he hardly consumes alcohol. At the same time, the last time Arahamia fought at school, and directly gave a bribe also 10 years ago.

We will remind that earlier known composer Konstantin Meladze admitted that he tried drugs in Nikolaev, where he once studied at the shipbuilding university.

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