The judge in the case of Acting Health Minister Uliana Suprun Sergey Karakashian announced that he would be withdrawn.

This correspondent reports #Letter.

According to the defense of Uliana Suprun, the judge began the meeting by declaring his withdrawal.

“In this case, were there any grounds for the judge to declare himself a disqualification? Judge Karakashian named two such circumstances: he was complained to the High Council of Justice. The judge called it pressure on him. The second circumstance: when he made yesterday’s decision, he gave evaluation of the evidence that relates directly to the consideration of the case as a matter of fact. That is why, so that no one had any doubts about the credibility and objectivity of the case, the judge decided to recuse himself, «said lawyer Bogdan Sanin .

According to him, now the case will be directed to automatic redistribution. “When to expect the appointment of a new judge? Everything will depend on the technical issues — the matter must first be brought into proper condition, that is, flashed. It’s not known how long it will take,” said Bogdan Sanin.

He also ruled out the possibility that the case would fall again to Judge Karakashian.

People’s Deputy Igor Mosiychuk, who filed a lawsuit against Uliana Suprun, published a copy of the decision on the judge’s self-withdrawal.


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