The infected COVID-19 people’s deputy Shakhov considers that «it is time to be written out already»

The MP can still be a peddler of the coronavirus, so doctors still leave him in the hospital.
People’s deputy Sergei Shakhov, whose first politician to detect the coronavirus COVID-19, is recovering and would like to go to work. He said this on Friday, March 27, during a video broadcast on his Facebook page from the capital’s Alexander Hospital.

«Day 14 has begun. Coronavirus disease continues. Doctors said that I still have a positive result, so they leave me in the hospital for now. On Monday I will take an X-ray and determine what is next. And, maybe, still On Monday, the test will be “negative,” Shakhov said.

According to him, he feels «more or less normal», and for the second day he has kept a temperature of 36.6 and «drops to 36.1».

«Therefore, I believe that it’s time to write out, it’s time to go to work. But the doctors say that I can still be a peddler of coronavirus … And it’s not clear what’s wrong with my lungs, because there’s a cough that at least no one in the department has — only at Shakhov. Therefore, the doctors leave me in place for now, «said the people’s deputy.

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