The IMF demands to remove from the commission on supervisory boards of banks unprofessional representatives of the president and the Rada, — the people’s deputy

The head of the mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Ukraine, Ron van Roden, drew the attention of Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk to the fact that some new members of the competitive commission for the selection of applicants for the positions of independent members of the supervisory board of a state bank do not meet all the necessary criteria agreed upon with international partners of our country and specified in the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers. The corresponding letter by van Roden was published on his Facebook page by the deputy of the «Servant of the People» Alexander Dubinsky, who is also a member of this commission on the quota of the Verkhovna Rada.

«The IMF is not just brazenly interfering in the affairs of our state, forbidding it to investigate the crimes of the leaders of the National Bank and the Guarantee Fund for the people of Ukraine. In retaliation for the creation of an investigative commission of the parliament to investigate the systematic destruction of Ukrainian banks and the looting of their assets under the guise of the IMF — head of the European Directorate of the Fund van Roden demands from the Cabinet of Ministers and the President’s Office not to allow me to select independent directors of state banks and members of the NBU council, ”Dubinsky wrote.

The letter by van Roden states that representatives of the president and parliament in the commission do not have the relevant professional experience, as required by paragraph one of the Cabinet’s resolution.

«Therefore, we ask for your help in ensuring that all members of the Tender Committee fully comply with all the criteria that are stipulated by resolution No. 2019/8 before the committee resumes its meetings,» the letter says.

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