The fact that Suprun has done with the medicine of Ukraine will have to be restored for two years, — the people’s deputy

People’s Deputy, head of the party «Opposition Platform — For Life» Vadim Rabinovich said that Ukrainian medicine after the «reforms» and. about. Health Minister Uliana Suprun will need to recover two years.

“What this woman is doing in our country, I think, will be analyzed by judicial institutions and psychiatric institutions,” he explained on one of the Ukrainian TV channels.

Rabinovich recalled that now it is becoming more difficult for Ukrainians to receive the due payments for sick leave, maternity and even “grave”.

«Because all this is funded from the social insurance fund, and there is not 1.5 billion UAH …

The leaders of the country should have an understanding that visiting guest performers do not come at all to save us, they are going for a long ruble, ”Rabinovich stated.

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