The draft budget-2020 does not provide for an increase in teachers’ salaries — MP

The draft state budget — 2020, for which the Rada voted in the first reading, does not provide for increasing teachers’ salaries.

About it on the page on Facebook the deputy from the Voice party Inna Sovsun wrote. According to her, the budget committee rejected the proposal of the educational committee regarding an increase in the budget of expenses for teachers’ wages by UAH 5.1 million. «This money should have been directed primarily to raising the salary of the least protected categories of teachers, like kindergarten teachers and young teachers,» Sovsun said. She also noted that Minister of Education Anna Novosad said that the increase in teachers’ salaries should be covered by local budgets. The deputy of the Voice called such a statement «the lack of a clear and understandable approach regarding the solution of the issue of teachers’ remuneration in the government and the mono-majority.»

As previously reported, in July, then-Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman announced an increase in teacher salaries from January 1, 2020. According to the new payroll system for pedagogical workers, which the Cabinet of Ministers planned to approve, salaries can increase from 20 to 70%.

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