The court extended the arrest of General Shaitanov until August 8

The Shevchenkovsky District Court of Kiev extended the detention of Major General of the SBU Valery Shaitanov until August 8. This decision was made by the investigating judge Oksana Hardina, the correspondent of reports.

The judge granted the request of the prosecutor Ivan Kisilevich, who asked to extend the arrest for 60 days.

The prosecutor asked the court solely for the arrest without an alternative measure of restraint, given the gravity of the crime, as well as the risks of Shaytanov being at large.

Kisilevich noted that some of the materials on the case are secret, therefore they are submitted in part (for example, decryption of Shaitanov’s correspondence). To this, lawyer Giorgi Tigishvili noted that the defense cannot in this case assess the validity of the prosecutor’s request for an extension of the preventive measure.

Lawyers asked the court to dismiss the prosecutor’s request.

Tigishvili said that Shaitanov is ready to be taken on bail by three people: Aleksey Mochanov, Alexander Kovalev (people’s deputy of the Trust group) and Roman Kostenko (people’s deputy from the Voice fraction).

Shaitanov himself noted that he has strong social ties in Ukraine and he is ready to work with the investigation.
«I didn’t ache when they beat me, as they say, and I didn’t record the consequences. They were recorded by the doctors. I didn’t know that I had such severe problems with the spine … I don’t think that detention is the only way», — He noted, adding that he has health problems after beating and due to chronic diseases.

During the trial, lawyers challenged the investigator and the prosecutor, as they believe that, inter alia, the jurisdiction was violated.

According to the lawyer, the case should be investigated by the State Bureau of Investigation, since it concerns current and former law enforcement officials.

The lawyer also believes that the investigator may be involved in the abuse of power, because during the escort, Shaitanov was severely beaten to present suspicions, which was confirmed by a forensic medical examination.

The investigator, in turn, noted that the complaint of lawyers was considered in the Shevchenko district court of Kiev last week and was rejected. He said that Shaitanov was being provided with medical care. The prosecutor agreed with him.

The judge rejected two motions to challenge the investigator and the prosecutor.

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