The bill 1210 will turn out reduction of metallurgy by 70%, — the people’s deputy

Ill-conceived tax changes, in particular, with the planned increase in rents for iron ore and gas will provoke a 70% reduction in the production and export of steel products.

Moreover, the state budget will receive less than 2 billion UAH. This opinion was expressed by MP of Musa Magomedov, Obozrevatel writes on his website.

“Changes in the rental payment rate itself and the simultaneous expansion of the tax base can lead to the fact that a product called ore, concentrate, sinter, pellets, which are exported to foreign countries, will be completely uncompetitive. What is being proposed now will create a situation in which rental Payments for Ukrainian companies will be ten times higher than for their direct Russian competitors: $ 2.5 and $ 25. What does this mean that the cost may be higher than the selling price and Ukraine tsya withdraw from the market, which is sold a large number of products, «- says Magomedov.

The people’s deputy criticized the rush with which the Verkhovna Rada intends to pass a bill containing 430 sheets of comparative tables and dealing with too many tax issues. He expressed the hope that the head of the parliamentary Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy, Daniel Getmantsev, would keep his word and before the second reading of the bill 1210 comments would be made that would help to achieve a compromise between the interests of the state and business.

“If this promise is not kept, it will negatively affect both business and the state. Because a decrease in production and export by about 70% — this is what analysts say — will lead to a decrease in budget revenues somewhere by more than 2 billion. That is, what is being done to increase these revenues will lead to a radically opposite result. That is why it is very important to find the right balance between the interests of the state and the interests of business, «Magomedov emphasized.

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