Tatyana Plachkova opened the «black dots» in the Epicenters to collect bribes for permission from the State Automated Aviation Inspection

In Odessa, a number of branches of companies have been opened that are associated with the shadow leadership of the State Agency for State Property Management, represented by Tatyana Plachkova. She collects the black box office of the State Inspectorate through such gasket companies across the country.

In the last months of the operation of the old GACI system, the shadow leadership of the department decided to strengthen its position and the organizer of the «tax collection» Tatyana Plachkova bought a passing place in the list of people’s deputies of the Opposition Platform — For Life.

At the same time, they began to open new points for collecting taxes for the permission of the GACI for construction. It is interesting that the offices of firms are located in the epicenters.

We managed to collect a dossier for the shadow accountant GACI after she was forced to give part of the data to the CEC for registration as candidates.

Plachkova Tatyana Mikhailovna was born on January 5, 1983. He lives in Kiev, has no criminal record, is on the electoral list under No. 31.

Her office is listed on the street. Genoese, 24 lit. B, office. 521

A number of firms are associated with it — LLC Key & Case Law Firm and Odessa BTI LLC. The latter opened an office in the Epicenter, although it is likely, as the shadow mafia likes it, the office will soon move.

There is another company — LLC Studio of Architecture and Design Orange. Through it, the city GASK earns money, and after it Plachkova. If the documents were developed by another company, it will be more difficult to complete everything.

This scheme was described by the deputy of the City Council Olga Kvasnitskaya. Through the order of design documentation for this studio, the procedure for obtaining a building permit is simplified as much as possible. Then, such “offices” carry out the examination of the project. Formally, everything corresponds to state building standards, but in fact an object is being built that violates a significant number of such standards.

The head of GASK Avdeev, according to Kvasnitskaya, takes such an object into operation, issuing a certificate of readiness, ignoring the above violations.

“Based on the composition of the projects that they developed (“ Orange ”approx. Ed.), Their conflict and social negativity, we can conclude that in Odessa Studio“ Orange ”you can do everything and do not bear any responsibility for this,” — notes Kvasnitskaya in the complaint, even naming the addresses of the objects: ul. Lviv, 3, lane Uspensky, 11, st. Odaria, 1, where certificates and permits were issued with all kinds of violations.

The third scheme is to prevent Odessa residents who ordered projects from independent organizations.
Its essence lies in the fact that individuals and legal entities that have received urban planning permits or a construction passport, having ordered a project and having passed a full examination, as a result cannot register the declaration in the GASI system.

Recall that there was a scandal in the media that the representatives of the “gray cardinal” of Kiev Vadim Stolar, as well as people associated with the GASI corruption hydra, got 11 places in the lists of this party. Among them is the Odessa citizen, who leads the collection of taxes across the country Tatyana Plachkova. She has very close ties and is called the head of the department, Alexander Avdeyev, with the leadership of the Odessa State Aviation Administration and its protégé.

The first about the quota of the “gray cardinal” of Kiev Vadim Stolar was written by journalist Alexander Dubinsky. He explained that 11 out of 35 people on the list of the Opposition Platform — For Life represent him. No. 31 was received by Tatyana Plachkova.

The system is not only built on the fact that you cannot build anything without a tax, but even without it the builder begins to put the wheels in the wheel, pocket activists begin to write complaints to him, and as a result he is overwhelmed with checks and construction sites are stopped.

We know at least a few dozen such appeals from the public organization Stop Svavlylu and Spilna Meta. All letters demanding inspections concern a narrow number of developers, including the Odessa region, who risked not paying bribes. Checks are sent to such addresses through the appeals of fake public men and they stop without any reason for construction. As a result, residents of Odessa become victims, as they cannot get their housing on time.


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