«Sometimes I am terribly ashamed: people were waiting for another …» — People’s Deputy from the fraction «Servant of the people» Lisa Bogutskaya

We went with other messages. That’s why I want another Premiere. And I don’t understand our reforms, to be honest …

I wrote an evening post yesterday about the events of the day and about the “signal vote” on the faction for the resignation of Goncharuk. Questions rained down, including in PM: «What is the vote if he has immunity for a year?»

This was reported on Facebook by the people’s deputy from the fraction «Servant of the people» Lisa Bogutskaya.

I answer!

For the Prime Minister to resign during his immunity, he must announce it himself. Voluntarily. But for the resignation to happen anyway, the Parliament needs to vote for it.

Therefore, yesterday, when Max Buzhansky urgently demanded a vote to make sure that there were votes for the resignation, it turned out that figurines! No votes. About 20 people voted from strength. Including I, but for completely different reasons.

Firstly, in the place of the Premiere, I see another person, more experienced and effective. And this, of course, is not Avakov.

The fact that Arsen Borisovich will try, I knew back in December. My indignation knew no bounds. I definitely will not vote for Premier-Avakov, in fact, like 90% of the CH fraction.

Better then, let Goncharuk remain.

Although, frankly, I want intensive changes, rather than stomping on the spot.

I understand the bitterness of people. They expected something completely different from us.

Sometimes I am terribly ashamed to write to people that their fears are taking place and that nothing can be done, because the reform, and all that.

In addition to deputy appeals, I sometimes react faster: I simply redirect a person’s message to the head of a profile committee. And I ask you to answer: how can I explain to a person that the TB dispensary is closed because … or there will be no payments to the Chernobyl victims, because … etc.

The answers are always quick. And almost always difficult to understand.

People were waiting for another.

And we went with other messages.

That’s why I want another Premiere.

And I don’t understand our reforms, to be honest. Too long and very confusing.

And I want quick and effective solutions.


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