Some «servants of the people» do not want to become party members, — Kornienko

Many members of the faction, who had not previously been members of the Servant of the People party, applied immediately before the congress.

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Oleksandr Kornienko on the sidelines of the congress of the Party of the People’s Party told how many of the members of the same faction are members of the SN party.

According to him, many members of the faction, who had not been members of the Party of the People’s Party before, submitted an application immediately before the congress.

«About 30 people have already been accepted into the party. The majority of non-party members in the faction. I don’t remember exactly, but we had about 20 party members from the list, and up to 10 from the majority vote. That is, we have no more than 40 members in total there was a party. Now it will be 70 and we will gradually tighten it. But not everyone wants to be party members and this is also a normal position. A person can be non-partisan, and this is not prohibited. This is party discipline, membership dues, «Kornienko emphasized.

As for the split of the faction, Kornienko noted that it was too early to talk about this.

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