» Slows »: the people’s deputy from «Servants» criticized and urged to dismiss Ryaboshapka

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan Ryaboshapka has been hindering the removal of immunity from one of the people’s deputies for more than a month.

About this OBOZREVATEL told MP from the «Servant of the People» Anton Polyakov. According to him, the Prosecutor General’s Office does not take any actions to detain the person involved.

«In the Darnytskyi district court of Kiev, a trial is ongoing. For further consideration of the case, permission from the Verkhovna Rada to prosecute is required.

And now the issue is being “resolved” about initiating an appropriate submission to the Verkhovna Rada. Ryaboshapka told me a month ago at the faction that this idea was on his table. But why didn’t he sign it, he couldn’t answer, «Polyakov explained.

For this reason the people’s deputy from «Servants» collects signatures in parliament for Ryaboshapka’s resignation. Also Polyakov was outraged by the words of the people’s deputy from «Voices» of Yaroslav Yurchishin on ObozTv. Then the People’s Deputy said that the deputy from the «Servant» draws conclusions hastily, because the prosecutor’s office has not yet fully familiarized himself with the possible crime.


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