«Servants of the People» put Vereshchuk as a technical candidate for Klitschko — People’s Deputy

The candidate for mayor of Kiev from the Servant of the People Iryna Vereshchuk on television openly defends her main rival, the current mayor of Vitaly Klitschko, says MP Geo Leros.
The candidate for the mayor of Kiev from the Servant of the People Iryna Vereshchuk was nominated by the party as a technical candidate for Vitali Klitschko. People’s Deputy Geo Leros made such a statement on his Facebook page by posting a video.

The People’s Deputy, in particular, indicated that during the broadcast on the Apostrof TV channel, the deputy of the Kyiv City Council Yuriy Levchenko began to talk about alleged violations of the law by Vitali Klitschko, in particular, about his signing 28 lease agreements. During her speech, Vereshchuk began to interrupt him, stating that Klitschko was not to blame for this, and at the end she called Levchenko’s voiceover of such information «populism.»

«Klitschko is a real candidate from the Servant of the People! The masks have been removed, Vereshchuk stupidly defends Klitschko in the debates, such is an undisguised technical candidate,» Leros commented on the situation.

He also addressed a question to the President of Ukraine.

«Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Servant of the People had first place in the capital’s rating, all 13 majoritarian MPs in Kiev benefited from the SN, why did that?» Asked the parliamentarian.


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