Servants of the people declared 1 billion hryvnias of cash: in the top 10 people’s deputy from Dnipropetrovsk

People’s deputies from the political party «Servants of the People» declared 1 billion 44 million UAH of cash, but they have ten times less money on bank accounts — 94 million UAH.

Such data are reflected in the declarations of deputies, according to the Committee of Voters of Ukraine.

“According to KIA, 22 deputies of the“ Servants of the People ”declared more than 10 million UAH in cash, 96 deputies have cash from 2 to 9 million UAH, 28 deputies hold more than 1 million UAH in cash,” the statement said.

Among the top 10 deputies of the “Servants of the People” who declared more cash:

Oleg Voronko (OVO No. 103) — 123 million UAH of cash;
Alexander Sova (No. 70 on the election list) — 79 million UAH;
Roman Mulik (No. 73 on the election list) — 24 million UAH;
Alexander Trukhin (PSB No. 40 of the Dnipropetrovsk region) — 21 million UAH;
Ruslan Gorbenko (No. 109 on the election list) — 21 million UAH;
Ostap Shipailo (No. 120 on the election list) — 21 million UAH;
David Arahamia (Chairman of the “Servant of the People” faction) — 20 million UAH;
Geo Leros (No. 23 on the election list) — 20 million UAH;
Artyom Kultenko (No. 19 on the election list) — 19 million UAH;
Dmitry Solomchuk (No. 33 on the election list) — 17 million UAH.
Also, deputies Igor Marchuk, Alexander Skichko, Sergey Ionushas, ​​Artem Nagaevsky, Ivan Yunakov, Olga Savchenko, Alexander Dubinsky, Elena Shulyak, Alexander Tkachenko (appointed Minister of Culture and Information Policy), Konstantin Kasay, Pavel Pavlish, Negulevsky declared over cash in UAH Igor.

As noted in KIU, this is data excluding monetary assets owned by wives and husbands of deputies, their joint funds, and also excluding borrowed funds. The funds available in foreign currency were transferred to the hryvnia equivalent during settlements.

“The declared billion of cash can have two logical explanations. The first is the distrust of members of the mono-majority in the Ukrainian banking system. The second, possible scheme of legalization of «black funds». So, MPs can declare significantly larger amounts in order to have an explanation for future shadow revenues, ”said KIU Chairman Alexei Koshel.

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