«Servants of the people» decided who will take the place of Yaremenko in the international committee of the Rada

The Verkhovna Rada will consider the resignation of the scandalous head of the foreign policy committee Bohdan Yaremenko on November 15. The right to choose the candidacy of his successor remains with the Servant of the People faction, which will hold an internal primaries

At a closed meeting of the «Servants of the People» faction, people’s deputies adopted a statement by Bohdan Yaremenko about his resignation of the head of the parliamentary committee on foreign policy and inter-parliamentary cooperation. The resignation of the People’s Deputy, who fell into scandal, agreeing in the session hall on an intimate meeting with a woman for money, should still be approved by the Verkhovna Rada. And to choose the successor Yaremenko for the post of head of the committee, the «Servant» faction will be at the internal primaries. Delo.ua talks about the procedure and the candidates for this post.

We decided to resign
The statement on the resignation of the head of the parliamentary committee on foreign policy and inter-parliamentary cooperation Bogdan Yaremenko wrote himself, but not immediately. First, the deputy, caught by the publication of «Letters» in an intimate correspondence in which he found out the conditions for a meeting with a woman for money, tried to convince everyone that this was a provocation aimed at journalists. But later the same resource published photos of the people’s deputy’s correspondence with other women. As a result, the parliamentarian called his act rash and apologized to everyone who created problems — «from his wife and children to the faction and the president.»

Nevertheless, in the application for dismissal of the people’s deputy there was no date, and only the month was indicated — November. Moreover, Yaremenko said that he would hand it over to the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Dmitry Razumkov, only after a fraction decides on his resignation. And along the way, he also accused the three factions — “European Solidarity”, “Fatherland” and “Voices” — of “petty political blackmail”.

«In order to save Ukrainian parliamentarism from me, and Ukrainian journalism — in the person of the site» Letters «from articles 163 (violation of privacy of correspondence — Delo.ua) and 182 (violation of privacy — Delo.ua) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, and considering the minor political blackmail of three fractions of the parliament, I wrote a statement on the resignation of the chairman of the committee, «wrote Yaremenko.



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