«Servant of the people» will hold a meeting to discuss the scandal with the possible bribery of people’s deputies

Faction «Servant of the people» on Monday will hold a meeting of the faction to discuss the scandal with the possible bribery of people’s deputies.

This was stated in an interview with reporters by the deputy of the faction Vitaliy Bezgin, the correspondent of LB.ua reports.

“Since the“ week of the regions ”is going on now … there is no way to gather a faction. I think that on Monday there will be a meeting of the faction and this issue will be removed from the point of view of tension. Regarding the speculation that they“ bought ”someone there , I would not trust the journalists … Because now it’s profitable for everyone to strike public blows against the mono-majority — actually against our party, ”the People’s Deputy said.

Recall, the head of the «Servant of the People» faction David Arahamia in an interview with LB.ua said that influence groups are trying to bribe deputies. So, according to him, people’s deputies are offered 30 thousand dollars for absenteeism at the meeting of the Rada.

After that, the deputy from the «Servant of the People», the deputy head of the financial committee of the Rada, Alexander Dubinsky, said that the President’s Office requires all representatives of the CH to go through a lie detector. Later, the faction announced that it had not yet decided on the parliament’s check on the “polygraph”, it was also reported that the faction’s leadership decided to conduct negotiations first.


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