«Servant of the people» will be checked on a lie detector

Dubinsky himself is ready to test on the detector and is sure that his colleagues will also cope with this.
The office of the president initiates a check of all deputies of the Servant of the people from the financial committee of the parliament on a lie detector. This was stated by the people’s deputy from the CH Alexander Dubinsky on his page on Facebook.

The audit was discussed due to the suspicion of some deputies in bribery when they voted for the destruction of the monopoly on activities and the demonopolization of the public procurement market.

«The reason is the appeal to the MP of several deputies who did not like the voting of the committee’s members, where it was decided to destroy the monopoly on the valuation activity of the so-called Yatsenko sites + demonopolize the public procurement market through the Prozorro system, as well as lower prices for participation in tenders + ensuring the transparent operation of SETAM / ARMA, «the report said.

Dubinsky noted that he agrees to be checked on the detector, and believes that his colleagues on the financial committee will also cope with the procedure.

“For my part, I’m ready to undergo research on the detector about whether I received money for voting on the platforms of appraisers and prozorro (+ by any other voting in the Rada, introducing projects and amendments). I’m sure my colleagues will pass on the financial committee. Despite the fact that this is a clear demonstration of disrespect for the parliament, «he wrote.

However, he called for a polygraph test to be carried out by employees of the Presidential Office, as well as other deputies who are the authors of the most scandalous and dubious bills of this convocation, which raise suspicions of possible corruption.


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