«Servant of the people»: Some did not vote for Dubnevich’s arrest because they didn’t understand what it was

Some of the deputies from the «Servant of the People» could not vote for permission to arrest MP Yaroslav Dubnevich, because they did not understand what this means.

Source: interview of the people’s deputy from «Servants of the people» by Roman Grischuk Bihus.Info

Direct speech: «There were three votes. And for the first, as I understand it, the majority voted, if not all. Arrest and prosecution … Some or did not understand what it was … Some thought that maybe it it’ll be right in the hall. Either they didn’t understand, or didn’t want to understand. »

Details: At the same time, the people’s deputy noted that each of his colleagues is responsible for how he voted.

Grischuk also drew attention to the fact that other factions, in particular, European Solidarity, did not vote for permission to detain and arrest Dubnevich.


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