We came to an agreement with the artists with the words “We want something Ukrainian, comic”
Yury Koryavchenkov, People’s Deputy from the Servant of the People, contacted the Rope Choir, which fell into the center of the scandal due to participation in the «Quarter 95» parody for the song «The Pine Burned».

It was he who invited the choir to perform, Zinoviy Korinets, general director and artistic director of the Verevka choir, talks about this, writes Radio Liberty.

«They contacted him. The direction of the Quarter came. They said:» We want something Ukrainian, playful. «They showed this text,» he said.
According to Korinets, he already commented that the story with the house was an “unpleasant situation”. However, he was assured that this is the Internet and everyone is joking. »

«Everyone jokes, including we do it, this is our program, we joke on everyone for more than one year,» the choir general quoted the representatives of the Quarter.

Korinets also said that now «now the persecution and threats to life have begun.»

“Of course, there was nothing anti-state there in this speech. However, an incorrect situation with Valery Alekseevna happened. Indeed, I probably should apologize to her. Mr. Kolomoisky and him were stalking there,” he added.
As reported by 5.UA, Valeria Gontareva called it a shame to ridicule the fire in her house near Kiev in a quarterly issue. When asked if she was considering the possibility of ordering this number by oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, Gontareva noted: «Maybe it is. I did not think about it.»

However, she is confident that Kolomoisky will in any case deny his possible involvement in the number.

Igor Kolomoisky, in turn, said that he really liked the number of the Kvartal 95 studio.

As a journalist Irina Romaliyskaya wrote on the network, Valeria Gontareva is the person who conducted a large-scale banking reform in Ukraine. In particular, it saved the largest bank in the country from collapse (at least 50% of individuals and legal entities in Ukraine are serviced by Privatbank), as well as all its depositors. And made a lot of enemies. Among them is the oligarch, the former co-owner of Privat, Igor Kolomoisky. As you know, a month ago Gontareva’s house near Kiev was burned down. Before that, they burned her daughter-in-law’s car. Both crimes have not been investigated. And on the eve, the collective of the President of Ukraine, “Quarter 95”, appeared on the 1 + 1 channel of Igor Kolomoisky with a cynical number: “The house was on fire, the woman was crying” and “The house is on fire in Gorenichi, and in London Valeria is thinking about Valeriy.” The journalist noted that the artist of “95 quarter” Yelena Kravets in one of her last interviews talked about the interaction of the team of authors of this humorous show with President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky: “Vova checks everything. He reads the texts.”
Recall, among officials, the Minister of Culture and the Minister of Economics reacted to the Quarter’s jokes. Volodymyr Borodyansky wrote that he was ashamed of the Ukrainian academic folk choir and apologized to Valery Gontareva, and Timofey Milovanov, in turn, emphasized that such jokes negatively affect the investment climate in Ukraine and will be perceived as confirmation of ties between the oligarchs and the authorities.

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