Russian Christmas: the people’s deputy walked off holidays with the Russian stars in Courchevel

The people’s deputy rested at a Russian party in the Alps (RBC-Ukraine Collage)
The people’s deputy attended a party with a concert of Grigory Leps in Courchevel

MP Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Maxim Efimov spent his vacation in the famous French resort of Courchevel. There, on January 7, he came off at a party with Russian stars.

Maxim Efimov, the people’s deputy from the Trust group, and in the last convocation, the deputy from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, attended an event called Russian Christmas in Courchevel. According to the publication Strana, the party was held on January 7 at the restaurant Le Cap Norn, which is located at an altitude of 2100 meters.

The cheapest place for one person cost $ 1000. The closer the table was to the stage, the more expensive its cost. The ticket price included a menu and one glass of prosecco. Among the dishes were foie gras with bird cherry, beef carpaccio with truffles and pizza with white truffles. For hot guests served a creamy risotto with sea bream.

One of the guests of the event said that the Ukrainian people’s deputy booked a table closer to the stage, where the place cost about $ 10,000.

The party was called «Russian Christmas» and was organized for the rich Russians who ski and hang out here. This table was reserved in the restaurant in advance, but other guests were interested in it all the time. Russian businessmen and oligarchs wanted to sit there, closer to Leps, sing along, but the organizers replied that they didn’t remove the reservation. Then it turned out that he was scored by the Ukrainian deputy Efimov with his company. The place at the very first table under the stage was about $ 10,000, «a source said.

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