Roman Symkiv and Andrii Perov has demonstrated special dedication in the pursuit of professional responsibilities

The Special Achievement Award is given to a prosecutor, whether a member of the IAP or not, who has demonstrated special dedication in the pursuit of his/her professional responsibilities, or who has discharged his/her professional responsibilities in the face of special hardship or adversity or under other circumstances which derserve special recognition.

In 2019 the IAP Special Achievement Award was presented to:

  • Olga Castellon Miranda from the United States for her lasting contribution to the justice system in Puerto Rico, including the setting up of a system in respect of Medicaid fraud, as well as her community work with the elderly during the recent hurricanes in September 2017 (full citation and her speech).
  • Andrii Perov and Roman Symkiv of the Ukraine’s Specialised Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAPO), for their pioneering work in the field of high-profile corruption cases in the Ukraine in extraordinary and very difficult circumstances and cooperating timely and professionally with foreign counterparts (full citation).

Certificates of Merit

The IAP Certificate of Merit is awarded as an expression of the Association’s gratitude to members of the IAP (individual or organisational) for their pursuit of the Objects of the Association. Certificates of Merit can also be awarded to non IAP members as an expression of the Association’s gratitude for supporting the Association.

  • The Office of the Prosecutor General of Belarus, for hosting the 9th Eastern European and Central Asian Regional Conference in Minsk, Belarus;
  • Sindicado dos Magistrados do Ministério Público (SSMP), for hosting the 17th European Regional Conference in Oporto, Portugal;
  • The Office of the Prosecutor General of Egypt, for hosting the 1st Middle East and North African Regional Conference, in Cairo, Egypt;
  • The National Attorney General Training and Research Institute, for hosting the Global Conference on Human Trafficking in Carolina, Puerto Rico, 17 — 18 January 2019;
  • The Public Prosecution Service of Canada, for hosting the 5th North American and Caribbean Conference in Toronto, Canada;
  • The National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa, for hosting the 23rd Annual Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, September 2019;
  • The Public Prosecution Service of Norway, for hosting the 47th Executive Committee Meeting in Oslo, Norway, April 2019.

And leaving Executive Committee Members:

  • Member Mr. Mutembo Nchito, from Zambia;
  • Vice-President and former member, Mr. Manual Pinheiro Freitas, from Brazil;
  • Immediate Past-President and former member, Mr. James Hamilton, from Ireland;
  • Member Ms Dr Edit Pocsai, from Hungary;
  • Member Mr. Rodrigo Janot, from Brazil;
  • Member Mr. Patrick Stevens, from United Kingdom, and
  • Member Mr. Jean-Francois Thony, from France.

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