Provocations can lead to numerous victims, — the deputy head of the National Police on protests

Law enforcers will work in heavy duty, but hope that all actions will be held peacefully

The National Police hope that the protests on October 14 will be held peacefully and without conflict, but in the event of a critical situation, law enforcement officers will be ready to provide security. This was in a comment to Focus by the deputy head of the National Police Alexander Fatevich.

«The actions of the police will be determined by law. We are calling for the event to be held peacefully. Regardless of the contents of the meeting, it must be peaceful. The national police are always ready to respond to offenses. We will work in high security. Everyone should understand that provocations can lead to many casualties, «said Facevich.

The deputy head of the National Police noted that now law enforcement authorities are not considering the possibility of clashes with protesters.

“There is no difference whether they are right-wing radicals or not — all are citizens of Ukraine, and everyone knows the rules by which to behave,” said Fatevich.

At the same time, in case of an aggravation of the situation, reserves have been prepared for an operational response. However, the National Police hope that there will be no need for them.

We will remind, on October 14 at 16:00 the start of the «Organization Resistance March» is planned, organized by the leader of the National Corps Andrei Biletsky, People’s Deputy from «Euro solidarity» Yana Zinkevich and representatives of various veteran organizations.

On October 11, Zinkevich at a press conference voiced the main demands of the protesters:

a ban on the introduction of special status for ORDLO or for any other regions of Ukraine;
prohibition of amnesty for militants «L / DPR»;
refusal to withdraw troops on the contact line in the Donbass;
prevent the formation of the people’s militia in the occupied territories;
not hold local elections in the ORDLO until full control over the Ukrainian-Russian border is restored.

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