Position — fiction: scandalous Gerus commented on his dismissal

Dismissed from the post of the presidential representative in the Cabinet of Ministers, the people’s deputy from «Servants of the People» Andrei Gerus said that he had not completed his work for more than two months.

He announced this on Facebook, commenting on his resignation.

“Since the end of August, I have not attended a single meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, that is, for more than two months now, de facto, I have not been performing the functions of the President’s representative in the Cabinet. I think that never in the history of Ukraine has the People’s Deputy Chairman of the Committee performed such functions as a representative, because it’s unrealistic «, The message said.

In a commentary under his post, he emphasized that this post was not a fiction, but he was busy with other matters. However, he did not write a letter of resignation, as this position does not provide for this.

“This position is a fiction, if it is occupied by a person who is overloaded with other things. If not, then not a fiction,” the deputy explained.

Gerus also noted that his resignation is not related to the recent conflict with the leader of the Radical Party Oleg Lyashko.

«Therefore, all sorts of sensationally conspiracy theological versions, including those related to the incident with the (so far) twice-convicted unemployed citizen OL (Oleg Lyashko. — Ed.), This is really fun,» the People’s Deputy added.


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