Poroshenko spoke about the victory in the first round

If President Poroshenko does not win the first round, then he will be forced to take part in the debates in the second one. The head of the election campaign, People’s Deputy Igor Grinov, told journalists at the presentation of Poroshenko’s headquarters.

«If the president does not win in the first round, then in the second round will definitely participate in the debate with those who come out with him,» said Grinov.

Instead, Poroshenko will now take part in the debate.

«To date, we have 44 names in the list of bulletins in length one meter 15 inches. I think that no channel would risk taking 44 participants.» I do not imagine how the debate might look like now, «the People’s Deputy said.

Also, Grinov said that Poroshenko already has «communication» and «open dialogue» with the people.

According to the KIIS poll, Vladimir Zelenskyi is the leader in the rating of presidential candidates with 16.4%. Petro Poroshenko — 10.8%, Yulia Tymoshenko — 9.6%.


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