Poroshenko is officially suspect: the people’s deputy left the building of the RRG through the back door

The representative of the bureau voiced information about the delivery of suspicion to the cries of «ganba» from supporters of the ex-president.

Presentation of the suspicion was confirmed by the press service of the RRG.

Petro Poroshenko officially became a suspect in the case of the unlawful appointment of the first deputy head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Semochko. Before serving suspicion, Poroshenko tried to leave the building. As a result, the people’s deputy went through the back door: he did not go through interrogation. Attorneys commented this: “Not according to the procedure.”

The essence of the matter:

In July 2018, Sergei Semochko, who served as head of the Kiev Security Service of Ukraine, was appointed Poroshenko as first deputy head of the Foreign Intelligence Service.
In early October 2018, a journalistic investigation of Bihus.info regarding Semochko was published. It said that in 2015-2017, during the war, the Semochko family, without any large legal income, acquired three mansions in one of the most expensive summer cottages — the village of Kozin near Kiev — worth several million dollars.
The investigation also said that the family of the Ukrainian intelligence and counterintelligence Semochko is listed in the taxpayer databases of the Russian Federation.
Subsequently, the intelligence service of the SBU confirmed the presence of Russian citizenship with his wife Semochko.
In April 2019, Poroshenko fired Semochko.
It is worth noting that the lawyer Ilya Novikov claims that they tried to hand ex-president Petro Poroshenko suspicion in the building of the State Bureau of Investigation. At the same time, they said in the State Security Bureau that Poroshenko was handed a suspicion in the case of the appointment of the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Semochko. At the same time, Novikov claims that Poroshenko refused to receive it and immediately left the bureau building, the interrogation did not take place.

Poroshenko’s declaration: tens of millions of dollars in cash and a salary of 300 thousand per year
UPDATED. Later, Petro Poroshenko, together with lawyers and deputies, came to the GPU office to meet with the prosecutor general Irina Venediktova. The conversation in elevated tones ended with Venediktova leaving the office. She was reproached that the suspicion was discharged illegally: the people’s deputy is personally signed by the prosecutor general.
Later, the steps of the Office of the Attorney General came out Irina Venediktova and commented on the suspicion of Poroshenko. They stated that this is the third time that a suspect has been served.

“All three suspicions were presented on one mechanism and it is clearly prescribed by law. It’s hard for people’s deputies to hand suspicion, especially to those whom UGO protects, ”said Venediktova.

She also quoted the text of Poroshenko’s suspicion: “Poroshenko is suspected of declining a foreign intelligence official. Exceeding his authority and official powers, as well as actions that clearly go beyond his authority, ”said Venediktova. She added that Poroshenko was not handed over, but announced a suspicion in the presence of witnesses. The document itself will be sent by mail.

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