Poroshenko began to renew Roshen to son

Roshen Corporation has confirmed the information that the former President of Ukraine and the People’s Deputy Petro Poroshenko re-registered part of his confectionery business Roshen to the eldest son Alexey.

This was reported to NV Business in the press service of the corporation.

“About the reasons, then this is a question for the beneficiaries,” the press service added.

Earlier, the Anti-Corruption Center released information that as of November 6, the beneficiary of Central European Confectionery Company (CECC) LLC is Alexei Poroshenko — the eldest son of the president.

This is confirmed by the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations. It states that control over the CECC was transferred to Poroshenko Jr. as a result of obtaining corporate rights to the Dutch Roshen Europe B. V., which owns 85% of the CECC. Previously, Roshen Europe B. V. also belonged to Poroshenko Sr., according to his latest declaration.

At the same time, as of May 20, 2019, Petro Poroshenko in the declaration on property and income indicated himself as the beneficial owner of CEKK.

CECC is one of the main companies in the structure of Roshen Corporation, because it is the founder of a number of other enterprises.

It is also reported that at the same time, the beneficial owner has begun to change in those companies where CEKK LLC is the founder. In particular, Roshen de lux LLC, KK Roshen LLC, Roshen-Volyn LLC, Roshen Sweet LLC and others, which until recently were declared by Poroshenko Sr. In them, the former president was also replaced by his son.

Poroshenko Sr. remains the beneficial owner in a number of other enterprises controlled by CEKK: LLC Roshen-Stolitsa, JSC Kiev Confectionery Factory Roshen.


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