Political analyst: Donbass does not blockade, but reintegration is also

The thesis of the renewal of economic ties with the uncontrolled Ukrainian government of Donbass is relevant. The main condition is not to the detriment of national security. This was stated in the commentary to “Donetsk News” by political analyst Oleg Sahakyan.

Although, according to the expert, the general wording of the “blockade of Donbass” is not entirely true. “The thesis about the blockade is already manipulative and in some way a product of propaganda. The territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which are temporarily out of control of Ukraine, are completely unblocked by the Russian Federation, where the Ukrainian authorities do not control the border. And from there go not only products, but also weapons, and mercenaries. In the financial sense, there was also an occupation. In some districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions (ORDLO), the ruble zone is now operating, ”the political scientist said.
At the same time, Sahakyan emphasizes that Ukraine needs to do much more than to be done to restore ties with uncontrolled territories. The failure of the Ukrainian state to fulfill part of its obligations to the citizens of the country (albeit due to a number of circumstances) does not contribute to reintegration.

“It is clear that there will be no railway transport before de-occupation. In a sluggish war, convoys can easily be derailed or fired. The automobile communication in the Donetsk region is functioning, even humanitarian supplies from the ICRC periodically go to ORDO. Here the key point is the eradication of the corruption strip in the selectivity of the passage of people and goods. But this is a question connected not so much with a special regime in the Donbas as with corruption at different levels of our state, ”Sahakyan continued.

The political analyst recalled that the breakdown of economic ties with uncontrolled territories provoked the actions of a number of Ukrainian activists who blocked the railways in January 2017, first in Luhansk, then in Donetsk region — the so-called “trade blockade”. “These actions turned out to be a bear service. In fact, they played in favor of the Russian Federation. By manipulating the patriotic sentiments of the citizens of Ukraine, through the hands of pro-Ukrainian activists and a number of politicians, the Kremlin ended the economic occupation of the territory. Here we lost, mince back through the meat grinder will not be able to scroll. But you need to build new approaches. And the thesis on the renewal of economic ties (but not to the detriment of national security) is relevant, ”said Sahakyan.

At the same time, he stresses, the issue of restoring ties with uncontrolled territories is much more complicated, more multifaceted than a number of politicians are trying to show. And it lies in a large number of planes that affect both the security of citizens and the issue of state security. “For example, energy security requires that we consider the purchase of raw materials (the same anthracite) from our enterprises in uncontrolled territory, if they pay taxes to Ukraine. But, for obvious reasons, it is impossible to do this now, ”he explained.

“Each problem should be considered comprehensively, it is impossible to cut all the issues regarding uncontrolled territories with the same brush. The main problem is that we still do not have a state reintegration strategy. That is why we quite often reap a number of negative consequences associated with the wrong steps regarding ORDLO, we lose opportunities and exacerbate the situation, ”Sahakyan summarizes.

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