People’s Deputy Zhevago boasts a collection of watches

In 2018, the deputy salary amount at the main place of work — in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine amounted to 286 thousand 711 UAH.

Verkhovna Rada people’s deputy Konstantin Zhevago for days unveiled an electronic declaration of income for 2018th year on the website of the National Anti-Corruption Agency.

Family members, he, as before, indicated his daughter, son and spouse.

The column “Real Estate” does not indicate the right to own an apartment or house. As it turned out, K. Zhevago lives in the house of his spouse’s mother and does not declare this property according to the Law.

According to the document, in the chapter “Valuable Movable Property”, 6 expensive watches of the brands Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Blancpain and Franck Muller are indicated.

Owned by K. Zhevago are the same securities, namely, 231 million 400 thousand shares of Ferrexpo plc, with a nominal value of 7 million 230 thousand UAH.

The son of the people’s deputy — Ivan, according to the declaration, is the owner of Astra Finance LLC.

In 2018, the deputy salary amount at the main place of work — in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine — amounted to 286 thousand 711 UAH.

Still in the new e-document are indicated:

— 422 thousand 880 UAH, as «means for ensuring deputy activity» in the Verkhovna Rada;

— 6 million 122 thousand 875 UAH, as «fees and other payments under civil law contracts» from the company Ferrexpo AG;

— 61 thousand 860 UAH, as the «salary at the place of work» of the wife of Konstantin Zhevago — Alina in the State Higher Educational Institution «V. Getman Kyiv National Economic University».

And the funds placed on the accounts in «Ukrgasbank» — 8 thousand 607 UAH and 128 thousand 500 dollars.

According to the document, Konstantin Zhevago has no vehicles, corporate rights and intangible assets.

The declarant indicated that he is a representative of the public organization “Charitable Foundation of Poltava GOK”.

Recall that in 2018, Yu.Shapovalov earned 418 thousand 854 UAH as a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada (in the declaration for 2017, Yury Shapovalov indicated that his salary for the year was 250 thousand 866 UAH).

Compared with the salary of the vice-mayor Valeriy Dekusar, the people’s deputy is the loser. Dekusar in 2018 earned 577 thousand 76 UAH.

Or if you compare the salary of the people’s deputy with the salary of the vice-mayor of Tatyana Neilenko, then the people’s deputy for this income item can be considered a poor man. Salary at the main place of work for 2018 Neilenko received in the amount of 628 thousand 558 UAH, which is approximately 170 minimum wages for the year (the minimum wage in 2018 was 3 thousand 723 UAH).

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