People’s Deputy: Zelensky should fire his press secretary, to the following employee felt responsible for what he says

Three weeks of the presidency of Vladimir Zelensky have passed. Today, a rally of several thousand people gathered at the Presidential Administration. People gathered against the surrender and surrender of national interests, without the participation of parties, spontaneously, from the people of Kiev, who came to express a civil position after work. According to, the people’s deputy Sergey Vysotsky tells about it in his blog.

He notes that the point here is not even that such a protest after several weeks of presidency is a kind of record. The fact is that the experience of Maidan and the defense of statehood is already in the blood of thousands and thousands of people. The majority can be influenced by manipulation and choose a person who has no value reference points, not to mention understanding of politics and international relations. Most can lead to the power of a convict, or an artist behind whose backs Russian scriptwriters will be viewed. But the stop-cock for such a power will always be in the hands of an active minority — Ukrainians both in their essence and in their convictions.

Sergei Vysotsky notes, let today’s warning be heard. It will be better for everyone. First of all, for the state. I also want to believe that Vladimir Zelensky will hear the demand of the rally and dismiss his confused press secretary so that the next employee will feel responsible for what he says.

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