People’s Deputy Yegor Sobolev announced the creation of a new party

People’s Deputy Yegor Sobolev decided to create a new party. He announced this on his Facebook page. She will be for Ukraine against corruption

I start to make a political party, which is for Ukraine and against corruption at the same time. This is my main conclusion from Ukraine’s vote on Sunday, ”the MP said and called for participation in the creation of the political force.

Sobolev said that he supported all the good initiatives of President Petro Poroshenko and opposed him when he believed that he was betraying national interests. The same MP will relate to the decisions of the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky.

“But I don’t want to leave to our children the task of defeating top corruption, approving justice, reaching an economic recovery and winning the war of independence. This cannot be achieved until we bring to power people who are both principled and effective. I have already begun the search for such, ”said the deputy.

On April 10, people’s deputies Yegor Sobolev and Semyon Semenchenko announced their intention to leave the “Self-help” association. Sobolev said that he decided to quit the party after the events on 2018 Grushevskogo Street, when the police dismantled a tent camp of protesters who supported Mikheil Saakashvili.

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