People’s Deputy Yatsenko in paints explained why he would not pass a polygraph test

Verkhovna Rada deputy Anton Yatsenko said he saw no reason to pass a lie detector test, which the President’s Office insists on. He said this on the air of the channel «112 Ukraine» on Wednesday, October 23
Earlier, the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office opened proceedings on the possible illegal receipt of $ 30,000 by deputies from the «Servant of the People» for sabotage of the anti-corruption bill. According to rumors, they received funds from Yatsenko.

The President’s Office insists on passing a lie detector by all deputies of the Servant of the People party involved in the financial sector of the Verkhovna Rada.
«What for? They go all out. Let them tell: they received — did not receive (money for sabotage. — Ed.) Do they even know me. And considering that I’m not a slut girl, but a People’s deputy of four convocations, then, naturally, we won’t turn the Verkhovna Rada into a big top, ”the deputy said.

Earlier it was reported that President Zelensky was ready to dismiss deputies involved in the scandal if their guilt was confirmed by a polygraph.

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