People’s Deputy Vasilkovsky commented on the information about his «detention»

The information that the RRB officers allegedly detained People’s Deputy Igor Vasilkovsky in Odessa and found drugs in his car is fake.
This was stated by the MP himself on Facebook.

Indeed, today the police stopped the car in which I was traveling with my friend Vladimir Vareschenko. The reason for the stop was an allegedly undeclared car. There was a legal conflict, the situation cleared up on the spot, — wrote Vasilkovsky.

The politician added that law enforcement officers did not inspect the car, so the allegations that prohibited substances were found in it are false.

According to the deputy, his political opponents took advantage of the situation.

I perceive this as an attempt at an informational attack on the Servant of the People party and on me personally. We all understand that elections are coming soon, ”added Vasilkovsky.

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