People’s Deputy: Ukraine will not be able to abandon Steinmeier’s formula without consequences

Ukraine will not be able without consequences to abandon the implementation of the Steinmeier formula for the Donbass. This was announced by the head of the Parliament Committee on Foreign Relations, people’s deputy from the faction «Servant of the People» Bogdan Yaremenko in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

“Now, without certain consequences, we will not be able to abandon our words,” he said.

According to Yaremenko, the letter of the representative of Ukraine to the TCG Leonid Kuchma to the special representative of the OSCE head in Ukraine and the group, Martin Saydik, is not binding. The people’s deputy noted that it shows a certain position which the country should adhere to if it respects itself.

“Something similar has already been fixed in the Minsk agreements. And the Minsk agreements themselves, although, from my point of view, are not an international treaty, but politically they are binding on us, ”said Yaremenko.

He noted that the preamble to the two paragraphs of the document indicates the implementation of the formula in the legislation of Ukraine. According to the people’s deputy, the country cannot propose changes that can affect the essence of the agreement. In this case, you can edit only individual words.

“After all, this will have consequences not only in the form of the reaction of Russia and the continuation of the war, but will also cause the reaction of the West … I repeat: if we position ourselves as serious international players who do not just blame Russia for not keeping its word, but also and we ourselves adhere to the word we have given, we cannot offer the editorial board that would change the essence of the agreement, ”Yaremenko said.

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