People’s Deputy Trump: It’s time to put an end to circular responsibility in the scheme of «gray carters» garbage

The people’s deputy of Ukraine from the party “Bloc of Petro Poroshenko“ Solidarity ”Boris Kozyr called on the mayor of Nikolaev, Alexander Senkevich, to urgently intervene in the situation of garbage disposal at the municipal solid waste dump. The parliamentarian said that the time has come to end the corruption scheme of the so-called «gray carters.»

About this Boris Kozyr wrote on his page on Facebook.

— During a meeting with voters, Big Korenikhi once again raised the issue of non-compliance with the conditions and rules for transporting garbage to the landfill of municipal solid waste. Three years, officials are fighting with the «gray carriers.» And we have the result, it is “zero”. Therefore, the time has come to end the total guarantee in covering this scheme. The time has come to answer who and why is taking the “gray carters” at the test site? Why is the investor still not attracted to build a new powerful waste recycling plant? — wrote Boris Kozyr.

Residents of the Bolshaya Korenikh microdistrict in an appeal to a people’s deputy complain that garbage trucks on the road to the landfill litter the roadsides with plastic bags, plastic bottles and other waste.

The appeal also says that because of the sharp smell from the city dump, people cannot air their apartments and calmly walk down the street. In addition, polluted water enters the wells.

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