People’s Deputy: there may not be enough votes for the «anti-Colomian» law, some deputies live in the country of Privat

Verkhovna Rada deputy Yegor Chernev from the Servant of the People presidential faction said there might not be enough votes for bill No. 3260 on guarantees of non-return of banks to former owners.

Only the Voice, European Solidarity, part of the Servants of the People and the Trust group are ready to support him.

“There is a chance that there may not be enough votes to pass a law on non-repayment of banks, which is one of the conditions for obtaining a rescue loan from the IMF. The reason is simple: some deputies from different factions do not live in Ukraine, but in a state called Privat “Everything will be fine with them, especially when the bank is returned to their owner or compensation is paid for it. Enough for new cars for everyone,” wrote Chernev on Facebook.

According to him, the rest of Ukrainians are facing a default of the state with all the ensuing consequences: the collapse of the hryvnia, hyperinflation, unemployment, a surge of crime.


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