The Ukrainian government should refuse to repay external loans and include a printing press to help businesses that are idle due to quarantine.

With such a proposal on his Facebook turned MP Igor Palitsa.

He criticized the Government for the lack of support for business and the national economy through the simplification of entrepreneurial activity and the reduction of the tax burden with a drastic reduction in the discount rate of the National Bank. «The Cabinet of Ministers prepared a draft law according to which fiscal authorities increase their powers, prescribed a bunch of lobbying things and completely zeroed out the cultural, educational, sports, construction and infrastructure life and the future of the country. There is no doubt that this is an unprofessional and short-sighted government,» politician.

He is convinced that the government should not «beg for lap on the knees abroad, if our partners are there, then the partners do not behave like that.»
“We should start printing money as much as is necessary to help a business that is forced to stand idle and comprehensively launch the construction of large infrastructure projects. And do not let the bought-in grants sing a song about default, inflation and devaluation. With strong specialists in the Cabinet, all these things should be calculated and controlled, accompanying every hryvnia from the moment of pouring into the economy, «said Palitsa.

The people’s deputy suggested to weaken quarantine measures for business. In particular, to allow centralized delivery of workers, to ensure safe working conditions in masks, glasses and gloves, to constantly disinfect and control minimization of communication among themselves, temperature screening before and after should be on the management of enterprises, introducing criminal liability for them for violations of sanitary protection standards .

“We need to support police officers and strengthen street patrols because looting and crime can begin very soon due to lack of money. We must introduce controlled compulsory quarantine for older people and people at other risk groups, providing them with the ability to deliver everything they need to «And first of all, we must already, without telling tales, buy everything we need and protect our doctors who are at the forefront in the fight against the epidemic, protecting our lives,».

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