People’s deputy Rybalka headed in the parliament a new sectarian association «Independence and Development

The union of people’s deputies, which will be led by the people’s deputy from the Radical Party, Sergei Rybalka, besides him, included deputies from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, the Popular Front, the Opposition bloc and the People’s Will group.

The people’s deputy from the Radical Party, Sergei Rybalka, became the head of the new inter-factional association in the parliament, “Independence and Development”. The creation of the association was announced on Wednesday at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, speaker Andrei Paruby, the transcript was published on the website of the parliament.

“I know the mood of progressive colleagues — in the conditions of a change of power, the Verkhovna Rada should not be inactive. And if the new president does not have experience and a clear program, we will help him,” Rybalka said in a commentary to Ukrainian News agency.

The union includes people’s deputies from the faction of the Radical Party, from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, the «Popular Front», the Opposition bloc and the «Will of the People» group. Rybalka is convinced that “Independence and Development” will grow and show an example of unification to discuss and promote reforms.

«There are two elections. There is no time to build up. A huge level of public debt, for the maintenance of which we spend more than we can earn as a result of a small increase. The raw material economy and total corruption program the following crises. There remains a risk of further collapse of Ukraine. Therefore, you can’t lose another six months for political squabbles and coalition trades «, — the politician believes.

He added that the victory of presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky means that citizens want change.

“Zelensky’s huge support testifies: people didn’t forgive the authorities for corruption and imitation of reforms. People didn’t feel the results in their pockets, didn’t see justice in the courts, got tired of looking for a decent job and continue to go abroad. But the election result is a chance for us all to unite and to start working on real transformations that will radically change people’s lives, «summed up the MP.

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