Many members of the UKROP party passed into the new Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, though under the brands of other parties.

This was told in the talk show «Echo of Ukraine», answering the question of the journalist Dasha Happy, MP, member of the deputy group «For the Future» Taras Batenko.

— I knew you in the eighth convocation as a people’s deputy from the political force «UKROP». Why did it happen that when Igor Kolomoisky … and there was a difficult situation in the country, “UKROP” existed, and when he returned to Ukraine, and “UKROP” could bloom with greenery, but for some reason it disappeared. Is this some kind of contention inside? Share secret information, please.

There are no secrets. UKROP simply did not go to the parliamentary elections. There is a separate party, a separate entity. We walked as self-nominated deputies. By the way, a lot of «dill» passed. And even more «dill» former in the «Servant of the people» turned out to be.

“I wonder why.”

If we set the task, to be honest, we could have a separate faction in the parliament — «DROP». But we do not set such a task. Therefore, I am the chairman of the UKROP party to this day inclusively. We want to revise our party asset now. We have more than 2,000 deputies in Ukraine local. We will prepare for the next local election.

— How many «dill» are currently in parliament?

Pure «ukropovtsev», that is, party members — these are three members of the party: these are Igor Palitsa, Irina Konstantevich and I.

“Only three?”

Yes. But we are not talking about those who were party members, but for one reason or another suspended their membership.

— Is it because there was no funding? Confess honestly. Conflict with Korban? Why didn’t Dill Bloom?

Listen, “Dill” has become more than it was before in parliament.

— Three is not enough.

The party did not go to the previous parliament as a subject. The party was created after 2014, in 2015, when events occurred at the front and so on. This is a lot of good …

— And there were no negotiations with Kolomoisky, so that she would go, so that somehow “UKROP” would bloom?

I think the prospect of “Dill” is yet to come. We are preparing seriously for the local elections, no matter when they are. We showed good results in previous elections and, by the way, in the united territorial communities. And so I think that saying that “DROP” has dried up is too exaggerated.

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