People’s Deputy: Milovanov wants to popularize land reform with the help of Serduchka

KIEV. the 25th of October. UNN. The Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Timothy Milovanov in Washington voiced to investors the idea of ​​attracting Ukrainian star Verka Serdyuchka to popularize land reform. This was announced by the deputy from the «Servant of the people» Alexander Dubinsky, reports UNN.

«I forgot to tell you about the idea of ​​attracting Serdyuchka to popularize land reform. This idea was voiced by investors in Washington. To the question» who is this? «He said:» local lady Gaga, «the people’s deputy wrote.

Recall, last week, the Ukrainian delegation, which included Milovanov, paid a visit to the United States.

Upon arrival, the minister said that international partners expect the land market in Ukraine to be detailed.

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