People’s Deputy Kuzmin: Zelensky’s statements at the press marathon resemble “orders” of the times of Stalin

The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the former deputy prosecutor general of the country Renat Kuzmin, in an interview with commented on a number of resonant statements by President Vladimir Zelensky made by the head of state during a press marathon on October 10 in Kiev
— Renat, Zelensky said at today’s press marathon: by November 1, law enforcement agencies will have to open several high-profile cases regarding top corrupt officials. Who do you think can be discussed? Is your list the top five top corrupt officials? Who can be among them? Is something threatening to Akhmetov?

— I am against the president’s announcement of the so-called “landings” and high-profile exposures, especially with the indication of “black” dates and specific names of future “victims”.
Such “forecasts” from the lips of the president can be perceived as a political order and a “order” launched from above.

The older generation still remembers such “orders” of the formation of the Soviet regime, and the associations that arise in this connection do not bode well.

— How serious is the Pashinsky case, and how likely is it that he will receive a real term?

— It is difficult for me as a lawyer to evaluate Pashinsky’s actions without studying the materials of the criminal case.

If one is guided by information posted in open sources, then Pashinsky’s actions can be either necessary defense, or exceeding the limits of necessary self-defense, intentional or reckless infliction of bodily harm.

His actions should be qualified by the investigator, prosecutor and the court, after which the answer to your question about whether he will receive a real prison term will be clear.

By the way, the measure of restraint was not chosen at all by the suspect in the murder of journalist Oles Buzina. They are free, and one of them has recently even been elected a member of the Public Council of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU).
In both cases, the question of the measure of restraint of suspects was decided by the same Kiev Pechersk court. Draw your own conclusions.

— How serious will the opposition to Zelensky be in the fight against corruption?

— Everything will depend on whether the president will really fight corruption, or he, like his predecessor, will try to lead this very corruption, hiding behind beautiful anti-corruption slogans.

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