People’s Deputy Kachura: The format of the Zelensky press marathon has shown its innovativeness and effectiveness

Verkhovna Rada deputy from the “Servant of the People” faction Alexander Kachura believes that the press marathon held yesterday by Vladimir Zelensky demonstrated the success of innovation, as well as the efficiency of the presidential team.

He said this in a comment to the correspondent of Echo UA.

“Firstly, the world record of the longest press conference in history was set. For the first time, the question to the president of Ukraine could be posed not only by journalism stars, or loyal journalists from state media, but literally anyone who wanted to, regardless of surname or ratings of the publication they represent. The format provided that no journalist would be left without the opportunity to ask a question. The president has shown full openness. He showed that he was not afraid of the press, that he had no forbidden topics, and he was ready to answer any questions — without a prompter and blanks. This format has clearly shown its innovativeness and effectiveness, ”he said.

The people’s deputy believes that this meeting showed Zelensky’s readiness for dialogue with the people.

“The conclusion can be considered that Zelensky, unlike all his predecessors, is ready for dialogue with society. Vladimir Zelensky showed that the president is a living person, and he does not need to be afraid. Negotiations are underway on the date of the meeting in the Norman format at the highest level. Germany and France will soon offer the date of the Russian summit. France, Germany and Ukraine tentatively proposed a meeting on September 16, but the Russian side did not confirm or agree on this date. Zelensky emphasized that a meeting in the Norman format is necessary to end the war. To organize these negotiations, a number of steps were taken towards: the separation of forces took place in the area of ​​the Village of Lugansk, the mutual release of the detainees took place, the so-called «Steinmeier formula» was confirmed. Next, a withdrawal of forces will be held in the area of ​​Zolotoy and Petrovsky, ”the People’s Deputy noted.

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