People’s Deputy Ilyyuk turned to Zelensky so that he would assist in transferring the Olvia port to Nikolaev

People’s Deputy Artem Ilyuk sent an appeal to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky with a proposal for his support of the transfer of the port of Olbia to the concession to the city of Nikolaev.
This is reported by the press service of the people’s deputy.

Artem Ilyyuk believes that the transfer of the port to the management of the city will be a powerful source of income for Nikolaev and will allow to solve infrastructure and social problems. First of all, we are talking about roads in the ship area.

— The best option for Nikolaev is to get the port in its administration. And I insist that in the conditions of the transfer of the port they should register obligations for the one who will receive it in concession. I propose that this be the construction of a bypass road in the Ship area, a complete reconstruction of the railway crossing and the direction of the money earned solely to solve the city’s infrastructure problems, ”commented Ilyyuk’s appeal.

In his address, the people’s deputy Ilyuk proposed to President Zelensky to contribute to the transfer of the Olviya port to the city community of Nikolaev without competition — this is allowed by the law. The concession initiative has already been supported by the city and regional councils of Nikolaev. Now the fate of the port in the hands of capital officials.

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