People’s Deputy Goncharenko called for a protest rally: Zelensky land reform will destroy 13 million small and medium-sized agricultural producers

The people’s deputy from fraction «European Solidarity» Alexey Goncharenko announced a protest against land reform. Goncharenko believes that the land law should be put to a referendum.
According to Censor.NET, he reported this in his video message on a page on Facebook.
“Zelensky, you are a cheater, you promised people to ask them all in a referendum and make all decisions with people. And today you say:“ I’ll ask you if it is possible to sell land to foreigners. ”And sell Ukrainian land for 200 thousand hectares per only hands, even to local oligarchs, you don’t want to ask whether people agree to this? «, — said the people’s deputy.

«Tomorrow at 9:00 come under the Verkhovna Rada and together we will stop the sale of Ukraine to friends and partners of Vladimir Zelensky. The land law needs to be put to a referendum. And only after that, you can vote in the Rada. There are no first, second, third or tenth readings. First, the people must decide whether or not to sell the land, and only after that it is possible to vote or not vote for this law in the Rada. We will make them hear us together! »

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